DVD not formatted for this region errors

I have used CloneDVD successfully on my Sony DRU-500 drive for well over 150 backups. However, yesterday i had my first problem. When attempting to backup my simpsons season 3 discs, the first two discs for some reason (after backed-up), they begin to play in my home dvd player, but as soon as i select an episode, the player goes to a default screen and displays “this dvd not formatted for this region.” keep in mind this is only after the opening has played and the menu is displayed. it happens on any episode i select on ONLY the first two discs… disc 3 and 4 of the same series copied fine and play fine.

it is also important to note that i have backed up NUMEROUS series discs in the past with no problem. and this is all using the same media i always use, TDK DVD-R. (i buy 100-pack spindles).

If anyone has any idea what i need to do different, you help is appreciated!


This is due to RCE protection.

Depending on what you used to decrypt the disc, RCE should have been removed. You need to make sure you configure your ripping software correctly.

first off, thanks for you response!

I believe my settings to be correct. Over a span of two days i used the same settings (i never ever messed with the settings in the first place) to burn all 4 DVD’s of the simpsons series (discs 1-4). only discs 1 and 2 yielded me these results. discs 3 and 4 burned fine. this was with the same program same media in the same day.

that is why i’m flabbergasted. i can double check the settings though. where specifically should i go in the settings and what do you recommend i look for?

thanks very much!


You’ve not mentioned which program you’re using to remove CSS from the original DVDs.

In DVD Decrypter, when you put a disc in the drive, it will check for RCE protection on a disc and tell you if it finds it via a couple of lines in the log. It also gives you instructions that you MUST follow if you’re to successfully remove this form of protection.
The main form will also say ‘RCE Protection: Yes / No’

It’s quite possible that not all the discs had RCE protection on them - thats why some work and some dont.

Load up DVD Decrypter (with the log window visible) and put the original dvd in the drive again.
Check to see if it mentions RCE protection anywhere. You should make sure you’re using version or later.

sorry, i forgot to mention.

Yes i am using DVD decrypter, IMO the best CSS-cracker out there. I’ve used it to successfully decrypt over 200 DVDs.

i haven’t seen anything abnormal in the logs, and have never seen the RCE thing mentioned anywhere. I will double-check tonight.


I’m having the SAME exact problem…I use CloneDVD2 ( and AnyDVD ( Seasons 1 and 2 were fine…and I tried to copy Season 3 of the Simpsons and I left the settings (defaults) unchanged like always…I try to play them and it says “This disc is not formatted to play in this region” Any suggestions? :confused:

Upon reading this thread, I remembered seeing the fix months ago (yeah, my memory works… sometimes). I had followed a link from 2Cool’s post of how-to’s on making backups of various DVD’s which was posted in doom9’s message forum. You can find it here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?threadid=43142

To save you some scanning/scrolling, here’s the link to the thread which gives the solution to your problem:

HTH :slight_smile:


Wow! thx a lot man! :bow:

I’m having these same problems and the links above aren’t opening. Anyone with the solution?


for the record i never got this to work, so please everyone, be aware of that!