DVD not empty

I downloaded torrents and converted them to DVD files using XtoDVD. I used to be able to copy the DVDs I did this with, but now, Nero ( , RipIt4Me, DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter all tell me there is no disk in the recorder. But, when I put the DVD in my player, it plays just fine on my TV. I’m using DVD-R and always have.
What could be going on ???
Thanks for any help.

What has RipIt4Me & DVDDecrypter to do with burned DVDs?
They have no protection to deal with.

I’m trying tpo copy my DVDs, and tried all these to rip it since Nero doesn’t recognize the disk.

ya i think chef read it wrong maybe?

When you put these unencrypted dvds in the dvd drive of your computer, does the name of the disk show up on the drive icon in My Computer?

Can you right click on the drive icon and hit Explore and see the contents of the disk? If so, you can just drag and drop the Video_TS folder to the hard drive and copy from that.

If you cannot do this, your disk may have corrupted slightly. Enough to cause problems for copying. You might be able to use ISOBuster to extract the contents of the disk.

No, when I put the disk in the drive, the DVD drive will show a DVD-RW in the drive and icon will change to “CD Drive”. I tried to explore, bu it shows the disk as being empty. This isn’t the only disk that does that.
Will try to do it by downloading ISOBuster. Thank you.

You might want to delete your upper and lower filters and see if that helps. There is a link in my signature.