Dvd not auto running



Copied two dvd to dvd-R discs on the fly but they would not Auto run as per originals, opening the discs with explorer and clicking on the .exe file and the programs ran perfectly.

Copied same two original discs to +R discs and they worked as per originals.

Then copied one original dvd to -R disc, not on the fly, and it works OK.

Any reason for the first attempts to be failures??

Using NEC3520A with Nero 7.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Gerrie C.


Sounds weird.

Nero is not good for OTF copies, anyway.


No idea perhaps the discs were bad, you might want to use +"s if they appear to work all the time.


[B]chef and braynes[/B] ---- Many thanks for the replies, as you suggest, braynes, I will hold to “+” discs in future.

[B]chef[/B] — OTF ??? is that ON or OFF The Fly ??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ran a Nero CD/DVD Speed test on the dvd-R and got an Error - NO SEEK COMPLETE (030200) report at the end of the Transfer Rate Test. What does this mean ???

Can you advise me where I can get details of how to read the meaning of the graphs output by the Nero tests. I tried to download the manual for this but there does not appear to be one available.

Thanks once more for your responses. :clap: :clap:


Gerrie C.


you can find alot about nero on this site,under the site search,more then you may want


[B]braynes[/B] ---- Thanks again, will have a look around.


Gerrie C.


On the fly - you know it. :wink: