DVD Not Always Detected

I have two DVD drives in my PC, one DVD-ROM (Drive F), the other DVD/CD Reader/Writer (Drive E). When using AnyDVD, it always detects my DVD when placed in Drive E, but only sometimes in Drive F. What gives? The disc I’m using is Region 0, PAL Format. I’m using AnyDVD with all default settings.

I know this is a minor inconvenience, but I really prefer playing DVDs in Drive F, as I’ve always done, even before getting AnyDVD.

Any ideas/suggestions/input would be very much appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Daniel aka siouxdax

Are you in the military? I ask because of region 0 and pal that’s overseas format ( well the PAL is) and you’re in the central U.S. I use to like 20 minutes from you. Bad Ideal putting your email up on a post.

No, I’m not in the military. The DVD is Siouxsie “Dreamshow”, which has only been released in the UK so far. Any input on the question posted?

If that is all your concern to be able to play the dsic from your CD-ROM drive then why you are bother with AnyDVD? you don’t need AnyDVD to play the disc from your drive so uninstall AnyDVd and keep playing your disc with no trouble.

Yes I do need AnyDVD to play the disc from my drive. The disc is PAL. Please read the post before replying.

the FORMAT of the disc has nothing to do with anydvd.

computer drives play both PAL and NTSC formats with or without anydvd running.

please do not be rude…especially when your facts are not correct.

if anything, you’d need anydvd to play a disc that’s a different region, not a different format…

region 0 means it’s region free or “all regions”. your computer should play this disc with or without anydvd…

try disabling anydvd and playing the disc. if the disc does not play it is either a problem with the disc or with your drive.

I would have to agree with reasonsnotrules about it possibly being your DVD-Rom drive going bad siouxdax. I bet that the DVD-Rom drive still always can detect CDs, right? If yes, then it is highly likely that the DVD-Rom drive is going bad.