DVD "non" mounting software?

I’m looking for a program that works differently than something which just mounts a CD/DVD image into another drive letter like Daemon-Tools. What I need is something that just opens it one step further, like a typical Windows folder.

If you run a virgin copy of XP without WinZIP, it does this with ZIP files. It just opens them up and you can run files (read-only, of course) directly from an archive. I want to do the same with ISO files. I put this in as a feature request to the makers of UltraISO and PowerISO, but that may not happen.

I use a PVR app called SageTV and want to store all my DVD’s on my server in ISO format. At the moment, my only option is to rip them to a seperate folder with a corresponding VIDEO_TS in each one. It’s not my preferred way of archiving DVD’s. The problem with most PVR apps is as soon as you click on a ISO file, it mounts and moves the contents immediately to another drive letter. It would be better to just open it up further like a typical folder. Something of this nature would need to be associated to ISO files and plugged into the Windows shell so other programs could benefit.

ie. D:\DVDS\mymovie.ISO would open to D:\DVDS\MYMOVIE.ISO\VIDEO_TS\ or D:\DVDS<ISO volume label>\VIDEO_TS

Does anyone know of an application like this?