DVD No sound

Some music dvd’s have no sound apart from the titles on my dvd player or my laptop.
They play ok on my friend’s playstation.

I am not technically minded!!

Standalone DVD player, or PC…Commercial DVDs or burned? need some details…

Thans for replying -
stand alone laptop- and standard philips dvd connected to my telly. The only 2 dvd’s this has happened with are commercially bought - one i took back to HMV - they tried it on thie own dvd player and it didn’t work either??

The dvd i still have - its Region 0.

Cheers S

What are the specs of the audio streams? DTS, PCM, AC3?

where do i get that info from?


From the DVD itself…Put it in your PC drive and use MediaInfo or Gspot…
Point to one of the VOBs…What media player are you using on your laptop?


i normallu use windows media palyer - i just tried the dsc using realplayer - same result, but with intervideo windvd 5 - i got an error message - DTS decoding is not supported by this version of windvd.

problem solved - in the dvd set up menu - a choice of DTS5.1 or PMC stereo.

Thanks very much for your help