Dvd no control panel

I recently bought a new HP 5170 desk top computer, complete with Intervideo WINDVD 5 software to play DVD movies.

Problem is that as soon as the DVD is loaded, DVD starts with full screen and all control buttons disappear. Getting the control panel back or reducing screen is not possible (Typing Z doesn’t work, there is no cursor visible and clicking with the mouse doesn’t work, remote control doesn’t workn). So I can’t control the DVD, stop playing is only possible by taking the disk out.

When a movie opens via internet it’s even more difficult, in such a case you can only stop playing by switching of the power.

The HP helpdesk advised to reinstall the WINDVD software, but it didn’t help. Now they suggest to reinstall Windows. I am hesitating to do this (since I will loose everything stored), furthermore I feel that this might not work.

Has anybody an idea what could be the cause and what can be done.

I was already thinking to de-install the Intervideo software and download another player from internet. Would this be an idea? What would be a good player?

Looking forward to your help.


Bert Timmer

This doesn’t sound right at all. Never used WINDVD but PowerDVD works well for me.

Would Alt-Tab let you select some for of control panel?

Certainly forget the advice HP gave you about a reinstall of Windows.

I don’t have Windvd5 I have v6 and for that one you just hit the esc key or double click on the window to leave fullscreen and “right click” and select “player” to stay in fullscreen but see the player. In v3 it was (right click/view/player).

If you can’t use the mouse, I just read the help file with Windvd6 and it says that the letter Q will hide or unhide the player.


Thanks for the advice. Deinstalled this weekend WinDVD and downloaded trial version of Power DVD, however without success. Problem still the same (full screen, no control at all). Tried the same DVD at my office computer, here it worked (powerDVD).

I don’t know what do further, may be just re-install Windows as HP advised. Although I am very pessimistic about this, it will give me the poosibility to go back to HP.


Bert Timmer

Hi Bert

If PowerDVD starts in full screen you can right click on the screen & get control.