DVD nextcopy won't recognize burners in new Windows 7 system



I have used DVD NextCopy for years now with few issues. My HP system finally bit the dust, so I built myself a brand new system with Windows 7. Loaded DNC standard, but it will not recognize my DVD RWs. I have 2 in my system. One is a LG, the other is a Samsung. The only software loaded on this system is Windows 7, Office 2007, AVG, Guitar Pro and DVD NextCopy. I noticed that several other posts have this same issue. Tried those suggestions, but still won’t recognize my DVD. I sent in a support ticket Saturday, but they have not replied to that issue yet. This is a brand new system with nothing loaded except the 5 programs above. Any suggestions?




Welcome to the forums Steve.

We have a separate subforum for DVD NextCopy and a very knowledgeable mod of that forum called Dr. Who. So I’m going to move your thread into that forum in hopes of getting you more informed answers.


Honestly try Ultimate and see if that works. This has been reported to the engineers.