DVD NextCopy Ulimate

I have problems when using the burn blu-ray disc in dnc 3 I copy the disc but when I burn the file on a blu-ray disc it won’t play on my PC’s blu-ray drive or my stand alone blu-ray player. It will start and then just go right to stop. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to correct it.


Ok, you did not say if this is a Blu-ray disc you are doing or if it multiple DVDs you want on a Blu-ray disc. Here is a link to a Tutorial on how to put multiple DVDs onto a Blu-ray disc


I’m Sorry I am doing multiple DVDs on a Blu-ray disc I follow the Tutorial al the way and still cannot get it to play on the PC or the stand alone player. It will start to play and then just stop.

You must be doing something wrong as the person who made the tutorial has made working backups doing it as said and I know of atleast 1 other person too. What are the DVD titles you trying to do? what are you using as the third party plug in? Also what version of Ultimate do you have installed?

Yes everyone that used that link to make DVD’s to BD has had success. The only thing I can think of there is no way for DNC to know if the whole file size is too big, so it is best to ensure that the 2 folders don’t exceed the 22.5 gig threshold.

The titles are the Express Bangkok Dangerous and Body of Lies. Ihave the lastest version of anydvd and the version of Ultimate is and the total file size is 16.4.

Ok then all is well there. Did you just add the 2 folders as shown and not the folder with the 2 folders in it?

Hello Dr.Who I only added the BDMV and the CERTIFICATE folders.

That is weird as I didn’t have this issue on all my tests and I created that tutorial as well. I hate to say but if you don’t mind delete that and start over and see hoping you are using BD-RE’s.