Dvd next copy

i have a problem with dvd next copy… how do i get my money back. responed to there ticket. they responded 1 time. and no responce

Moving your thread to the DVDNext Copy forum.

What kind of problem are you having? They give you a 30 day money back guarantee If you reply again I am sure you get a reply from them as I have always received a reply. But if you need help with the program just let us know what is happening and we can try and fix it for you

I cant get any dvds to play on my home dvd player. tried different blank dvd’s, dvd movies. different dvd burner, different computer… my old dvd x copy software worked on my computer and tv. no changes to my computer or dvd player for tv…
i have xp sp3. sony, hp dvd writer, sony home dvd player. it will play on computer. but skips sound and picture on tv.
i ran out of ideas.

What version and what movie and what kind of blank media?

used the trial of ultimate on my new laptop. and the current version i got a week ago. as far as media. sony dvd+r, verbatim. to many to list. wasted over 50 blank dvd’s. but movies, robin hood, rose red, dracula, and a few more,
my old software dvd x copy worked great, untill they went out of business. i used the same media, computer, burner, player and i have a working copy of robin hood.

Ultimate I assure you doesn’t do this as they did a lot of beta testing with various members to get this straighten out. Pro or Standard I know have this issue. I suggest send a support ticket please and be descriptive.


is there any differents to the trial version of uliimate? thats whats on my laptop, and there is no differents from the pro ver on my desktop. they both wont play on my sony dvd player.
p.s. i sent a ticket with DNC. and it takes days to get a response.

i’m not trying to be mean. i would just like to copy my dvds with a program thats works. i dont have much money now, and don’t want to spend more then i have to… so far is almost cheaper to by new dvd’s when the kids brake the ones i have.

does ultimate copy the whole dvd on dual layer with out compression?

Yes you can make a dual layer backup but for longtivity and no issues it is recommended that you use only Verbatim made in Singapore only. Also booktype to DVD-ROM & burn only at 4x too.

ok thanks for your help