DVD neXt Copy Version Talk

Yup looks very impressive and I have had this program since ver but it was the standard version

I see now Jimbo I could of swore you were a fab fanboy (no offense). I used to like it till it got just too big. I am also working with DNC Inc for this not to happen on their program.

Yeah I was but it’s over 35MB now getting to fat, oh a friend of Tim and mine was wondering if it will work on win7

I am running Win 7 but there is a text issue on the install aka GUI glitch. So you need to know which button does what to install as the buttons there but no text :frowning:

OK he is installing it now, his name is Wayover50 so if he has problems I’ll have him PM you or post here

To assist if there is 2 gray looking buttons hit the left. If there is three then hit the center to install. The rest of the GUI is perfect.

OK I will pm him and let him know thanks

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2442236]OK I will pm him and let him know thanks[/QUOTE]

Here I am :bigsmile:

Dr. Who, Jimbo mentioned there was a yearly subscription price but I didn’t see that on your site.

It’s in the thread I started about the Ultimate upgrade Dave

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2442239]It’s in the thread I started about the Ultimate upgrade Dave[/QUOTE]


It’s not my site for the record just been their tester when they had their first beta. :slight_smile: It may be there but I will make note it needs to be more clearer. When you click ultimate to see what it does it has this [B]# Updates for one year[/B] but you are correct and I can send a email to the sales team to do a web change to really make it known. If I remember right it is either 19.95 or 19.99. I also think they need this to be clearer and state how much when looking at the ultimate in finer details.

Be nice to have a general chat thread in here :slight_smile:


Alrighttttttttttttttt thanks Doc, I am sure this will be used a lot instead of getting off topic in the threads

Wonder where Stormy is at this morning ? He is very late getting on, must be playing with his new toy I guess

Hard to say in about 3 hours I will be gone for the day till this evening currently 7am here. The fair is in town and must get out with the wife so I am happy when she is :smiley:

I hope alan1476 pops in and help and GJ is one of my helpers on my forum plus kipper is great to have around too. He uses the program regularly too.

K thanks for all the info and you have a nice day with the family. 7AM here too

Thanks will be here for a few though for now.

I am sure Stormy will jump in shortly and have some more questions for you as he is checking everything out

Hope he reads I will be out most of the day. I can assist on the sales side but I will tell a few of my mods to pop in and out to see if anything needs posted here. Well one or two of them.