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I got this program when it first came out and I must say that I’m pretty impressed that this software has an excellent output from converting DVD9 to DVD5. I know this software requires activation and such but I still wanted to address this update as they never cease to amaze me. I have just about every back up software out there, so I know about the anti this or anti that. This seems never to stop any other software out there ie: One click dvd copy as an example. So if you have the time I would recommend playing around with this software. Also I wanted to post this here as I know there are a few people that come here often and they have the program too. Anyways there is a 3 day trial and I know this isn’t a very long trial but I have been emailing back and forth to the company to anti up the trial time. I have been beta testing with this company since day one of there arrival too. You can use the third party plug-in if you want but proud owners of anydvd can use that instead if you wish. I have 2 keys left that I would be willing to pass out for free to the best 2 users that give a great and thorough review as well. This key (well 2 keys) will enable you to go from trial to registered mode and get free updates as well. I still love my clonedvd2 and anydvd but I do like my variety too. If needed I can assist any question here as well as alan1476, I believe he is well familiar with this program as well. Which reminds me those that have already gone from trial to full are not included to get another serial. I’m merely passing info out and showing what this software is capable of doing and what it can become. I will let you know that if you use anydvd that you’ll want to tick the compatibility mode. Reason for this is the software without anydvd running has some of the same features anydvd has so this must be ticked off to avoid overworking the decryption.

Here is a link to show how it has evolved since the launch of the program as well if you choose to try.



To those that never have used this there is a 3 day trial.

New Update: DVD neXt COPY - 01/18/07 [b]

Click Here To Download [/b]

If you need it :
Third Party Plugin - Download Here

Release Notes

  • Improved Stability
  • Optimized LogFile
  • Added Separate Activation LogFile
  • Improved Sector Functions
  • Updated Playback Structures
  • Updated Norwegian, Swedish and Japanese Languages
  • Updated Warning Messages
  • Updated Splash Screen Image V2.2.3.2
  • Updated Resources to V2.2.3.2


Well Doc

The warning message being rewritten for software compatibility mode (using AnyDVD) is a welcome change.


Yes, it is written not as a pro or a con now. Kinda neutral I guess. There is a few people here that are playing with it or is fixing to play with it. You know who they are except one person, there is a section site admin??? I think is his title that is messing with it now or soon. So between you and him in time there will be 2 reviews hoping for regular users here to pick it up and give it a go as well. The log is way better too but I think there might be a need for a tweak on that. If you look at it or if alan1476 does after a read process you’ll see it. Hint it is at the end of the log. Although this doesn’t effect the read and or write process. If there is a issue I know you and alan are for sure to spot it and state it as well.


Sorry but just found out that the newest update is and not a simple overlook on my behalf so again I’m sorry for the typo.


I was wondering are there any takers? This way I know there is some users doing this.


Giving away a key for DVD next copy
Seems good to me. I have watching this program grow for a while but was resisiting because of the cost.but it has come down from 99.99 to 69.99
Either way looks like its gonna be a good program :clap:


been doing more reading and is seems that dvd next copy with thier third party software, Machinist2 is able to copy Saw III…

I have used the 3 day trial and its working good


Great to hear. I had no ideal on this movie. Although I do agree this version is hard to break. Wait till version 3 their is a few tricks up their sleeves.


Good to see…
Lets just hope the price dips a little lower


Wish it was more then a 3 day trial to really get used to it


I’m trying that but it is a hard battle. Took a year to get them to drop the price.


Thank you Dr. Who


Hi Doc, I have tried the new version and everything worked fine. The only thing I could recommend to the author is that the trancoding engine is a bit slower than others. This is not necessarily a bad thing as sometime good backup programs take hours and more than 1 pass. So it all depends on what programs you are comparing it to. My results using AnyDVD as my decrypter were excellent.:clap:


I have been using dvdnextcopy ever since it first came out and all i have to say about version 2 is it’s on heck of a nice program with the options i like and very stable I simply love itJMO :clap: :clap: :clap:


I have had DVD NextCopy version 1 and now V2.3.5.1 for several months and been unsucessful in getting it to make backups of my purchased DVD’s (yes I have the third party plugin). I am an original 321 Studio DVD X Copy XPRESS user for a couple of years until it was shut down. I have two more activations left on it but they are tough to get.

Since my new DVD NextCopy keeps trashing DVD discs (different brands both single & dual layer) and everyone here is having success, I am guessing I have some other problem. Is DVD NextCopy incompatable with some DVD burners? Or should I be looking for something else? I also noticed the new feature “software compatability” is greyed out when I attempt to use it. I have a dual core pentium machine w/ 2GB of RAM and plenty of storage space. I do have a RAID setup on my hard drive.

Thanks for any help


The compatibility mode will only work if you have anydvd installed. You also might of got a corrupt download? Also if you use a download manager or a harsh firewall this could effect the download and install of DNC too. I honestly haven’t heard of this one yet and will look into it further. Activations you get those reset as needed so don’t worry on that.


sorry to here of your problems!

could you please give us a few more details? where are you having the problems? compression and authoring? burning? Or playback?

I believe the compatibility mode is greyed out because you are using machinist2.dll. .

please give us as many details as possible and we will try to help. :slight_smile:


uninstall dvdxcopy and delete all remanints uninstall dvdnextcopy and reboot and follow these instructions abd it should solve your problem.

kay we are having problems with folks updating and getting main client errors so here’s a guide to help everyone.

  1. before installing an update please make sure you have your serial# wriitten down.

  2. go to add or remove programs and uninstall dvdnextcopy and reboot.

3.click on start click on search enter dvdnextcopy and hit search any leftovers delete them.

  1. reboot.

  2. download and install the latest version make sure your antvirus programs are shut off while doing this.

6.enter your serial # and register and reboot now you should be all set.

One other thing that needs to be addressed is the machinist VS Anydvd.

The machinist is free and works quite well, Anydvd is a commercial decrypter and works very well it’s what I use in place of the machinist. if you are serious about getting all new releases on the same day they come out I would highly reccomend Anydvd to you.

I have been using Dvd neXt copy for a long time and I might add with the machinist plugin I have had a success rate of 98% on all new releases not bad at all either full disc or movie only one of the 2 ways will normally work!!


Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will try some tonight or tomorrow and get back to the forum with my results…

PS: I am not ready to upgrade yet but has anyone run DVD NextCopy on Vista yet?

As an FYI, it seemed to read the original disc fine (about 15 min), but aborted the burn in just a few seconds resulting in a disc that was useless and no files on it…


yes I have been running it on vista ultimate with no issues it’s vista compatible!! :iagree: :iagree: