DVD neXt COPY V3.0.4.4 Released

DVD neXt COPY V3.0.4.4 Released

Release Notes:

[li] Updated neXt Techâ„¢
[/li][li] Optimized Disc Scanning
[/li][li] Optimized Quality Engine
[/li][li] Optimized Speed Engine
[/li][li] Minor Fixes in Software Usage
[/li][li] Updated Resources


Third party plugin downloads : Third Party Plugin Download or Third Party Plugin Download

Good stuff, Dr. Who. I will report back as soon as I have tried it. Installed without issue on Vista 64bit Ultimate.

Thanks working great for me =)

Someone want to try these titles with the newest version of DNCU?

[B]Not with anydvd but the machinist only.[/B]

Disaster Movie

Bangkok Dangerous

The Black Knight


Hi Dr Who, is it just me or did they forget to change the V number on the GUI. Mine still says [B]V3.0.4.3[/B] on the splash, but if I go to about it say [B]V[/B] It had me going for a minute.

LOL yes I noticed that after a few people posted on my forum and thought it wasn’t live yet on DNC Inc’s site but it is. This should get resolved when they update their webpage I think as I am reporting this and have a few tests to do and report as well tonight.

Thanks Doc

I see on mine… my wall-e works fine I dont have those other movies.

Thanks dark knight is fine so far in Full Disc. Waiting to hear movie only works or not.

Do you see it on the [B]splash [/B]or the [B]ABOUT? Maybe I will try another download, I already tried 2 I hope they dont disconnect me. [/B]You have add your Key file after every installation.:wink:

Alan1476 just open it as they updated their server now and it is showing correctly on my end.