DVD neXt COPY V3.0.4.3 Release



Release Notes:

[li] Fixed Play Back problem
[/li][li] Fixed RW problem
[/li][li] Updated neXt Techâ„¢
[/li][li] Internal links updated
[/li][li] Added automatic Folder generation according to Disk Name
[/li][li] Optimized Quality Engine
[/li][li] Optimized Speed Engine
[/li][li] Minor Fixes in Software Usage
[/li][li] Updated Resources

Download : http://www.dvdnextcopy.com/setup/DVDneXtCOPY_Ultimate_V3_0_4_3.exe


Great stuff, Dr. Who. I will update the front page asap.:flower:


All updated , program works great Dr. Who. Thanks for posting.


Thanks for update :slight_smile:


Its working great Dr. Who, thanks. :wink:


Yes, thanks for the heads up there Doc


Thanks for the thanks guys and glad to see that the mummy is good to go with this version. That was my initial worry.


No worrys Dr. Who, this version does it all. :flower:


I am going to try the burn to Blu-ray mode; be nice to get an entire TV series on one BD-r or maybe all three of the GodFather movies on one disc.