DVD neXt COPY Update Version


To those that never have used this there is a 3 day trial.

  • Release Notes -
  • Optimized neXt Techâ„¢
  • Updated Installer (Versionbug)
  • Fixed some GUI Bugs
  • Some Minor Fixes in Software Usage
  • Optimized Engines
  • Updated Resources to V2.7.4.2


thanks Doc

What does Optimised Next Tech and Optimised Engines mean? These two seem to be in nearly every change log they release.

Is it just me or are they trying to give us the placebo effect?

This is to be able to keep up with the latest movies and to be able to read and burn faster. I am always on them for faster times.

like Dejavu the new version does this movie perfectly.

Yes there is no title currently this software can’t handle in either movie only or full disc. Sorry for my late reply I have been working hard to produce a better log…well the ideal and told them about it that is. :bigsmile: