DVD neXt COPY Ultimate

I have been using CloneDvd2 for years and I like how it saves the files to the hard drive while copying to the dvd. I bought Dnc and I can’t seem to do this all at once. I tied to write a file to a dvd and I get a message like The selected path is not empty. Do you want to delete existing files. I tried it once and I lost all my movies I had saved there. Can anyone help me out.

Sorry but I am lost with what you are asking on all of this except how to save to the HDD.

Use the drop down destination box and select either save as a ISO or folder to the harddrive.

Sounds like he is asking to write to Disc and also retain the output files; you have this option in CloneDVD by unchecking the “delete the temp files” box.

Sorry but with DNC Ultimate you need to do what Dr.Who said about saving to hard drive.with DNC pro you have to save project and do not burn after. Once the movie is on your Hard drive you can open that file with DNC and then burn to disc. Unfortuneately DNC is not able to save movie to hard drive and burn to disc at same time at this point in time

Thankyou so much for replying back. That’s what I thought about DNC but maybe there was something I was missing. Thanks again