DVD NeXt Copy Ultimate causes Crashes when loading Certain DVD

I have an unusual situation…Just started DVD NeXt Copy Ultimate backed with Machinist2DDL. to backup my personal DVDs. Works perfectly for older DVD (Pelican Brief)…when try the new Hellboy II or Wall-E, computer crashes and shuts down between 3% to 5% initial recording function to temp files. After re-entering my computer I find the DVD NeXt Copy file corrupted and the data file missing and have to reload. Does any know how to resolve this recording issues on my newer DVD’s…:bow: I bow to the experience and multi talet out there…

U have replied to you here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f34/dvd-next-copy-pro-257312/

There needs to be an update for DVD neXt COPY Ultimate for the ability to copy wall-e.

Hell Boy II is no issue so I want to say a bad disc?

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