DVD neXt COPY promo price

For all the users here there is a promo price going on now. Thought I would share this with everyone.

“The neXt generation of DVD COPY software has arrived”
The most powerful and user friendly DVD copy software on the market is now the best looking DVD copy software too!
NEW release DVD neXt COPY V2.7.4.2
“Memorial Day Offer” (Order before June 1st and save $10.00)


Not clear to m ewhether price is $70 or $60 ???

Just asking, but…Wouldn’t the price for DVDFab Platinum still be a better deal, especially considering what Fab Platinum can do compared to DVDNextCopy?

JMHO… :frowning: :wink:

Enter the promo memorial and the price is 60.00 USD.

MBK yes you are currently right, but I am one not to put all my cookies in one jar so to speak. :smiley:

Also they are working on some stuff and this software will be able to do stuff as DVDFab Platinum from what I am hearing. I own just about all of them Would love to add one click to the tool box but not at a yearly fee though.

So, if you are saying that 1Click charges a yearly update fee; but, does not NextCopy charge a fee for major version upgrades?

Is that not the same thing in the long run??

MBK is correct, FAB is a better investment, I paid for FAB years ago and Fentao has honored his “Free updates, upgrades for life”.

I am not questioning any of the authors of these products policies or trying to promote one over the other with this post. It would be interesting to see just how much NextCopy will cost you compared to 1Click in a few years time; my money would be on 1Click being the better long term investment.

No they currently do not all updates are free.

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You have told me that NextCopy udates until the next major update are free; has this changed and now all future updates and upgrades are free?

Well I wish I was PR to answer this but for what I know it’s all free.