DVD NeXt Copy Pro

Just bought the new version of pro and installed it. Set screen saver to 2 hours, cancelled sleep mode…downloaded dvd48. Wheh I run the program, it does all prechecks and then starts recording scan, then about 2 minutes into record, computer seems to go to sleep. Screen goes blank and everythings stops. Computer appears to be in sleep mode. Push start button (quick release) and “windows starting up” comes on…then all goes blank, but computer is running. 4 minutes later get “log on” request. Restart program and get error message…Missing Data Base File…dvd next copy,db…reinstall program and runs ok until try and record and then crashes again. tried 5 times now…help, someone??:a

DVD neXt Copy Ultimate doesn’t have any settings to disable screen saver etc…So that problem lies within the PC. If you reinstall DVD neXt COPY Ultimate over the top of the last install you will be all set. Your firewall or antivirus may be blocking it?