DVD next copy pro won't recognise my dvd burner



When I install the program it gives me a message of “exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” What does that mean? What can I do to make this program figure out that I have a dvd burner


What are you using for OS on the computer? XP, Vista or Windows 7


i am using windows 7


New PC I assume? Did you build it or was it bought premade at a store? You also may want to look at upgrading to Ultimate.


Great Idea!!! Spend more money on a program that doesn’t work in the first place and that the tech support is automated at best.


I asked questions and didn’t give anything but a rant back. I don’t work for the company, I only do support through a few forums and get nothing back. Answer the questions or not it is up to you. I can careless if it is working for you or not since it works on my end yea even Pro. I was trying to help but can’t with that attitude.


I’m sorry. It just sounded like the same BS that the tech support has been giving about updating and upgrading. This is a HP that is running windows seven that came from the store. It isn’t a drive problem because I did a trial version of dvd cloner and it worked


That’s okay, I provide support and just a hard core user like yourself.

Do you know the brand of burner you have?

What about posting your filters - http://www.dvdnextcopysupportforum.com/Tutorials/Seeing%20and%20removing%20filters%20on%20the%20computer%20using%20Imgburn.htm

The only reason I said might want to look at an upgrade is because version 2 line of products were never meant to run smoothly on Win 7. I have seen some say they installed and works and other nothing but trouble. Then again you may want to hold off as they are working on something revolutionary I hear too. Now that being a new product or not I am not sure. I know I had to install by right clicking and running as admin. Knowing your filters and burner would be a plus and to the right direction.