DVD next copy pro main client has stopped working



I am trying to make a backup of one of my new movies and when dvd next copy starts to analyze the dvd i get a windows message popping up saying there was a error and DVD next copy pro main client has stopped working. has anyone else experienced this?? I also get the message when i try using next copy ultimate.


The movie i am trying to backup is the new batman dark knight. I just tried an older movie of mine and it worked fine. I am wondering if there is something on the batman disc causing the error. When i stick the batman movie in it makes the dvd burner run really fast and sounds different from other movies i have backed up, if that makes any sense.


You can try to use AnyDVD and rip to the hard drive first with anydvd. Then take the folder from the hard drive and process it through DNC Pro. This may work but if it doesn’t the best thing to tell you is to upgrade to version 3 as this did work on that version.


thanks for the advice. I am thinking there is some type of program ort something on the new batman disc that is causing the problem. i have the new ultimate copy 3 and i get the same message when i try and use it. when u stick the disc in the dvd drive sounds like its trying to play or run something, because its running faster then when i have backed up other dvd’s.


You need to get anydvd.

Then right click on the fox tray icon and select rip to the hard drive.

Then take out the original disc and put it away.

Now open DNC ultimate and on source select files/folders on the hard drive. Then put in a blank disc let it be seen then copy from the hard drive to the blank disc.

Can’t do it in a one step process right now with DNC.


thanks it worked using that method. Hopefully dnc gets this fixed.


what is the fox icon I cant find it im having the same problem and I have the latest version.


The fox icon is anydvd it isn’t part of the DNC program but you can get anydvd which will put a fox icon on your desktop but it is only a trial as anydvd isn’t free.