DVD neXt COPY Oceans XStream


Does anybody have any experience or opinions of this software?

The ability to copy content that I am streaming appeals to me.

Regards, JR

I have and my advise is don’t buy it here is what I use and it works very well.

We used to have a sub-forum here a long time ago for the DVD neXt Copy programs.

I played about with them but preferred other software for what I was doing at the time although in fairness I wasn’t doing the sort of thing you’re doing and the program could well have changed dramatically since then.

TBH I’d download it anyway and see what you think as there’s no harm in looking at it.

I have tried to use xsteams 2017 and 9 out 10 times it didn’t do anything useful. Replay Media Catcher and Replay Video Capture is much more reliable. I also use PlayOn for capture off of the common streaming services.

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Thanks for the input folks.

I’ll try out the options mentioned and let you know how I get on.

Cheers, JR