DVD neXt COPY MobleX V4.2.5.5 Released



DVD neXt COPY MobleX V4.2.5.5 Released

Please NOTE: Because the new improved installer system installs a new path, to a new directory, make sure you uninstall your current version of the software you are updating with this download. Otherwise you will have two versions of the same product on your computer, and that may become confusing.

Release Notes:

[li]New DVD neXt COPY Installer[/li][li]New Installation Directory[/li][li]Updated Master neXt Techâ„¢ DB[/li][li]Fixed Reported Bugs[/li][li]Optimized DVD neXt COPY Core[/li][li]Optimized Disc Scanning[/li][li]Optimized Quality Engine[/li][li]Optimized Speed Engine[/li][li]Optimized Burn Engine[/li][li]Optimized DVD Converter[/li][li]Optimized Activation System[/li][li]Fixed Minor Bugs[/li][li]Updated Resources V4.2.5.5[/li][/ul]

Download Link - http://www.dvdnextcopy.com/setup/DVDneXtCOPY_MobleX_V4_2_5_5.exe