DVD neXt COPY Leads in a New Era

DVD neXt COPY Inc. is no longer employing the members of Pixbyte. We wish them all the best. At the same time we are excited to announce that we are working with some new and very talented programmers to ensure not only will there be new updates, but also to expect some very exciting and new cutting edge advancements and products from DVD neXt COPY Inc.

We are aware of Pixbyte’s activities and email campaigns. We are very sorry for them disturbing you and we want to make it clear to our loyal customers, we did not give them the emails they are using. Those most likely came from the registration system of our older products that Pixbyte was involved in, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. The best thing to do is report any emails from DVD Ranger or Pixbyte as spam. We want to assure you we are working on new things, it is hard to say when they will be released at this point in time. One thing we are sure of, our loyal customers will not be disappointed.

Useful information there Dr. Who and it’ll be interesting to see what the new developments will be.