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This thread is dedicated to suggest things to better the Pro program and report bugs found. Please feel free to post those findings here.


I’m not sure how, but I ran into an issue trying to burn a protected AAC (M4P) file from iTunes. [See the screenshot for the error]. After that error, there is no recreated file on my computer.

I don’t run into this while burning MP3s ripped from a CD that were imported into iTunes. These properly recreated MP3 files are what is shown in the iTurns Manager window.

iTunes has yet to encounter an error on its end, and is burning a physical CD of the same protected files just fine.

After switching to the Pro, choosing some different protected files, and restarting the program, it’s going swimmingly.

EDIT: I think I know what’s going on…the files I was trying to burn had some Unicode characters [Japanese], as the artist name. The Japanese characters (may not be visible to you, depending on what character sets your computer can display) are 安室奈美恵–Namie Amuro. The other files do not have Japanese/Unicode characters outside of the standard American English character set. The majority of users can probably get around this by avoiding the use of Unicode characters for the time being.

All settings are default, except for the VBR settings [which will be the topic of a different post]. ||| Windows XP Service Pack 3 ||| iTunes 7.7.1 ||| Hard drive being written to has over 100 GB available. ||| Running with admin privileges. |||iTurns Free [the first public version]


In iTurns, with the software set to use CBR settings [see screenshot 2], I get a file that’s more VBR [screenshot 1, which shows clearly that my CBR setting was ignored]. Changing it to work in VBR still uses VBR setting, and results in files that are VBR [screenshot 3, which shows the bitrate of 2 files that were encoded after choosing to use VBR].

Work around: set all settings [VBR min and max, CBR] to whatever CBR you want. Just a little nitpick, but still worth mentioning.


Thanks Al if this continues I’ll have a good bug report for the Company tonight. Keep testing.


The I/O Error seems to be based completely on the lack of support for different character sets. When the software is set to automatically name the files with characters from the standard English character set, there are no I/O errors.

Info about the first screenshot:
This is a screenshot from[I] iTunes[/I] of the playlist being used in this example. The playlist name–which will, when CD Text is used, will become the album title–is in standard English, and was the only option usable when using automatic file naming.

Info about the second screenshot:
This is how iTurns interprets the CD Text information, which was still written by [I]iTunes[/I] as Unicode.

Info about the third screenshot:
This shows that the question marks [in place of the proper Unicode characters] were actually in the MP3 tags.


Thanks again Albert.


When set to write to AAC files, the iTurns project window [for that given project] remains empty, and it does not appear that the program actually saved the files. HOWEVER, the AAC files have actually been created, and can be accessed as normal.

iTurns seems to almost ignore them, except that deleting the project in iTurns does delete the whole folder with those files in it.

Screenshot one is of iTurns’ burning applet running, with the seemingly “blank” project reporting a file size of 0 KB. Screenshot 2 is of Windows Explorer, with the files it just “ripped” to AAC files, proving that they DO actually exist.

EDIT: the AAC files can be manually added to the iTurns burning applet.


I am so glad I made a small investment in you. Keep up the work find anything and everything possible so I can have a great report to send to the company.


In iTurns, there is an option to enable an imagewriter [see screenshot 2]. But there is no way to write to an image creator. The only devices given to write to are any physical drives, as well as the iTurns virtual drive used to grab data from [I]iTunes[/I]. [see screenshot 1]. And there are no options in any drop-down menus to do so.

Of course it wouldn’t be wise to select the [I]iTunes[/I]-to-iTurns virtual drive, or you would get what is in screenshot 3, followed by what’s in screenshot 4. :bigsmile:

The simplest workaround would be to just take the newly created audio files and make an image with another program [even if it loses a bit of convenience ;)].


With a string of data over a certain length, that string will be truncated. Even though ID3v2 tagging is enabled & was required for the long song title, no data was automatically entered into those fields. See the screenshots below.

Screenshot 1: How the song titles appear in [I]iTunes[/I]

Screenshot 2: How iTurns has truncated the long song titles down to the first parenthesis due to use of only ID3v1, compared to how the file was originally tagged with the multiple types of tags implemented. [Screenshot of mp3tag]

Screenshot 3: The exact same playlist, burned by iTunes, to a phyiscal CD with CD Text, showing that the song titles HAVE fully made it into the CD Text and has been retrieved fully. [Screenshot of Exact Audio Copy].

Screenshot 4: How iTurns has entered data automatically for ID3v1 tagging, but has left fields blank for ID3v2 tagging. [Screenshot of iTurns. Animated GIF; switches after 5 seconds]


Another VBR/CBR quirk: The use of VBR, after attempting to set the software to encode at CBR, also applies to AAC files as it did to MP3 files in this post.

Trying to set the program to use the Ogg Vorbis OR Windows Media Audio formats results in the program defaulting the format setting back to MP3 encoding. This DOES result in files being encoded as MP3 files–without any tag information whatsoever placed in the file automatically. GSpot–www.videohelp.com/tools/GSpot–confirms that they are, indeed, MP3 files, inside and out [with the mp3 file extension].


Thank you for all your work and information. I’ll compile this tonight and email it to the company.


ONLY IN iTurns does this issue exist:

Some music files show an abnormally long track length time. This does effect trying to burn the tracks to CD [trying to burn what should fit on a CD results in iTurns informing you of the need for more space on a CD]. This could be due to an incorrect calculation of the forced-VBR files.

Other software correctly calculates the time. See screen shots for examples [color matching may benefit if the pictures aren’t uploaded in order].


DVDneXtCOPY iTurns was updated according to their website www.dvdnextcopyiturns.com V1.3 was released.


Thanks, [B]VDVx[/B]


Your welcome =)