DVD neXt COPY iTurns Bugs & Suggestions (for the 8/10/08 iTurns release)



This thread is dedicated to suggest things to better the Pro program and report bugs found. Please feel free to post those findings here.

This is for the version released on 8/10/08 [http://club.cdfreaks.com/f144/dvdnextcopy-iturns-news-250100/#post2108387]. The version numbering is the same. If downloaded before 8/10/08, your version is probably the older version. Please update to ensure you don’t report a bug that’s been fixed in a new version. :slight_smile:

The old thread can be found here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f144/dvd-next-copy-iturns-bugs-suggestions-250112/


Suggestion: add a portion to the installer that can detect a previous installation [either Pro or Free], and prompt the user to uninstall the old installation before updating to a new version [or upgrading to the Pro version from the Free version].

Installing a Pro version after using a free release results in only 1 uninstaller available in the “add or remove programs” control panel, and you have no way of uninstalling only 1 of the versions alone.

Also, having both Pro and Free may interfere with one another, which would be avoided by having a reminder in the installer.


Thanks Albert per usual as I know you’ll find these issues. :smiley:


Edit to what I said above. You can ONLY remove 1 version alone using the Add/Remove Programs link. After uninstalling the Pro version, there is no entry left in Add/Remove Programs for the Free version. You must use the link in the remaining Free version’s All Programs folder [or manually go in Program Files] to launch the Free version’s uninstaller.

I’d imagine it would be the same if you accidentally installed Free after Pro.


After installing an update for the Pro version, you are prompted to activate. You may do so successfully with the key you have for the Pro version. However, upon log-out and logging back in, or upon reboot and logging back in, you are prompted to activate again. It appears the activation [at least for me] is not being remembered.

Work-around: Just keep re-activating as required.


Same hear Albert so it’s not just you.