DVD neXt COPY Help

dear dr.who,
i have nextcopy pro and having big issuse trying to install upates ! can you help?i have a dell pent 4 dektop running xp home edion wit a dsl connction.i try to clean all my dvdnextcopy liles ok then do a copleate ccleaner ou all files out ok then gi to the site reeboot pc 2 times to besure all clean ok,then do as instructed clse dpwn off firewalls,and antiviruis from verizion and off from care-one a nd select my black box of dvdcopy pro edion and save them to my c: drive and do the same for the skins run softwhare and annd my ser#6624 pluss my key code reebots pc the restore security! i can’seem to to get to copy? i get a explore error and it close the progran off error reporting ! can you help telling me what i mam doing wrong? the support people are telling it should work ? tlease reply if yo can share some of your widdom on me? thank you!

What have you installed recently to get an explorer error?

Are you able to open the program to try and copy a DVD? If so what Movies are you trying to copy to get that error?

did you also make sure to install the machinist? might cause issues if you dont have that insatlled or anydvd.