Dvd next copy and windows 7?

hello I am still a newbie but before I “upgrade” I wanted to know if anyone has had problems switching to windows 7 from vista 32 bit? I have both DVD nextcopy standard and ultimate and anydvd software and I just didnt want to upgrade and programs not function properly?:confused:

Welcome to MyCe :flower:

No problems so far with running both programs with Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

As far as upgrading up to Win 7 from Vista some people have had some problems there, You should think about a clean fresh new install for best results.
Not to say it has not been done and working fine for some,just clean install seem to have less hassles.

Hope this helps

FYI, I had some troubles running DNCU on my system running Vista x64 Ultimate. I did a clean install on a new drive of Win 7 X64 Ultimate and DNCU run fine. So does AnyDVDHD, but that ran well on the Vista OS, while DNCU would error out.