DVD neXt Copy 3

DVD neXt Copy 3 It will not burn the whole Movie off my H.D. Nero will but it takes 5 hrs. or more… Plenty of DVDR Space.

This may be a problem with DMA settings for your drive if it is one that uses the older style IDE interface. Tell us the make and model drive you have.

In the meantime click on the link in my signature for Womble’s guide to resetting DMA and follow the instructions for your operating system.

DMA is enabled on both drives. sorry not sure of make or model 2 maby 3 years old. Als running win. 7…

If the file is already small enough to fit your target blank dvd, try burning it with a free burning program called ImgBurn. www.imgburn.com

Follow this guide for burning a dvd-video folder (Video_TS) to a dvd using ImgBurn: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632

ImgBurn will also show you the make and model drive you have, so it might be helpful for us to know that. Look on the right side of the main window in ImgBurn and click on the Device tab.

If you have a problem with the burn, post the burn log from ImgBurn here in your thread. You can find that by clicking Help within ImgBurn, then click on the ImgBurn Logs entry.

I’ll give it a shot I Luuve free software thanks

Did the above… Burned and Verified… Same results as neXt copy got about 2/3 maby 3/4 of the movie… DVD Model HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10N JL10 ATA

Did it take an extraordinary amount of time to burn this time?

Very weird stuff if Nero will burn the entire movie and ImgBurn won’t. That doesn’t make any kind of sense.

You are certain there is nothing wrong with the dvd on the hard drive? It plays correctly from there? If you haven’t tested it, play it with whatever program you use for dvd video. VLC is a free one if you don’t already have one: www.videolan.org