DVD Music problem

Hi again,

Still having some problems locating a program that will copy sections of a copy protected music dvd. The ones I’ve looked at will only copy the whole DVD.

I’m trying to make one DVD which has favourite music video clips compiled from many music dvds, say if I only wanted two songs copied from each music DVD would I have to copy the whole DVD onto my computer? Is there a program that allows you to just copy certain sections or chapters (songs) without copying the whole DVD? Once it’s on my computer I’m hoping it will be easy to just copy them onto a blank DVD. It just seems like a lot of work disecting about 30 full music DVD’s just for a couple of songs per DVD.

Thanks for all your help so far! and please be patient as I don’t know what I’m talking about! :rolleyes:

Thanks - I worked it out

Mind sharing the secret? I asked that ? a while back and basicly was told to to search Videohelp which i did to no avail.

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My apologies, point taken