DvD music compilation

Hi guys.

I would like to rip individual songs off my music dvds to make a compilation.

I dont know what software to use to rip.
Secondly what program should i use to burn the compilation?

At the moment im doing my burning with any dvd and nero.

Im not too happy with neros encoding.

Id like to burn the ripped songs in to the dvd without any quality loss if thats possible.

Thanks guys.

Are you talking about editing the video?

If so, you prolly want an authoring tool that does not re-encode. TMPGEnc-Author will do this. You’d import the DVD(s) and edit out what you don’t want.

I need a program to rip individual songs or chapters from a dvd.

I have made many music compilations on DVD, and in the process I have overdubbed the original mono soundtracks with CD quality stereo soundtracks.
I used DVD Decrypter to import the track/s onto my computer hard drive (into ‘My Videos’) folder.
Mpeg Video Wizard for editing and Ulead Workshop 2 for making the menu’s and inserting chapters and thereafter burning the disc.
A professional finish. :bigsmile: