Dvd multisession help please

:wink: hi all, i have a lite on dvd dual layer dual format writer, i write multisession dvd +R and it and i can see all the data this works fine ,
problem is that the multissesion dvd+r discs i have written only show the first session in other pc dvd roms, all systems use xp pro ,i am using nero ver 6 am i missing something?? if so please detail, thanking you kindly, cya

I think there was an issue that multi-session DVD’s are readable only on DVD burner devices. That is, if the other devices are plain DVD-ROM (not RW), the second and further sessions may not be readable there.

Juliet could yu please tell me how did yu get to create yur multisession dvds using the latest nero?I have the exact same liteon dvd burner as yu but I am getting error messeges when I try to burn a multisession dvd+r discs with nero…Thanks

DVD ISO, start Multisession.

the issue you describe has nothing to do with the burning software . microsoft have updated the UDF file system in service pack 2 . you can either install this or if you know someone who has it installed do a quick search and find the file udf.sys and install this file on the other pcs and your troubles will be over…

I am a new member and I am not 100% conversant with Computers and Jargon so can you be Patient with me.
I have NERO 7 Can I burn a multi session audio to a rewritable DVD.
If so How do I do this .
I can burn Cd’s and DVDs but not multi sessions.
I have read the other topics but there instructions I do nor under stand.

“Multi session audio” makes no sense to me.

And multisession on dvd is bugged, except on DVD+RW.

I do not understand what you mean ,multi session on DVD is bugged, except on DVD+RW
and Multi session audio makes no sense.
Could you explain further as I do not understand your information.