DVD Mulleter 10 help

Hi, newbie here.
I have looked and many tutorials about checking 360 .iso’s if they are stealthed patch, but all the tutorials i have seen are for previous versions; where there is a tick box indicating if the .iso is stealthed patched.

Basically all of the boxes are ticked, but i was wondering which 1, if any shows whether it is stealthed patched. here is what’s ticked:

Video partition present
Video data present
Security Sector Present
PFI present
DMI present
Random padding
iExtreme compatible

Iso type:
Xbox 360 ISO

I am assuming that all of them ticked is a good sign, but just want to make sure.

Any info would be great.


anyone got anything, am looking, but can’t seem to find anything for the latest version.

Every box needs to be checked for the game to be fully stealth.