DVD+MRW drives at last?

Hi cdfreaks!
When googling for MRW news, i stumbled on this philips site on EasyWrite licensing (sort of marketing name for mrw, as far as i’ve understood). When you click ‘checked products’ and select ‘Mount Rainier Drive’ you will notice three DVD writers at the bottom:
NEC ND-2500A firmware version 1.05
Philips DVDR1640 firmware version MR11
Sony DW-R56A firmware version NDT1
Now that’s news (to me, that is). But I can’t help wondering: Are these real, genuine dvd+mrw drives, or rather only cd-mrw compliant? The corporate sites where no help at all… :confused:


ND-2500A, at least on the popular earlier version of the 1.06 firmware, doesn’t support CD-MRW or DVD+MRW to my knowledge. I’m pretty sure there’d be howls of protest if it was in the now-superseded 1.05 firmware then removed in 1.06.

That said, the entry is curious. Maybe Mount Rainier support was pulled for some reason before the final 1.05 firmware shipped.

I struggle to see the big advantage of DVD+MRW over DVD+RW. Background formatting of DVD+RW is supported anyway; certainly the latest versions of InCD support it. Further, you don’t need special drivers to read a DVD+RW that was background formatted in a non Mount Rainier drive, whereas you do with Mount Rainier discs in a non Mount Rainier drive.

Of course, I’d prefer if it my ND-2500A did support Mount Rainier, but it seems it’s not a feature the marketplace demands, especially as so many of the best-selling drives don’t have it. DVD-RAM support falls into the same category - particularly DVD-RAM write support.


Hardly anyone seems to prefer LG GSA-4082 just for its DVD-RAM write capability. Pity indeed. Both DVD-RAM and DVD+RW Mt. Rainier could have been useful widely.

Personally, I’m rather waiting for very affordable Blu-ray. :slight_smile: Till then, I have hard drives instead.