Dvd movies "unreadable by pc" protection?

I have 2 original DVD movies that refuse to be read by the PC.
The movies are American Pie Ultimate Edition and Hero (Jet Li)

These movies are both Region 4 releases.

My DVD drive is a SONY DVDRW DRU-700A

I first tried reading them with the VY5 firmwire and then updated to VY8 but still no good. Have also tried them in another drive, a Liteon model. No good.

When you insert the disc in either drive, the drive just clicks for about 10min, then windows brings it up as a blank disc.

American Pie has a band on the inner ring that says
“mastered by WAMO”
and Hero has a ring that says
“AAV Regency”

any ideas on how to get these to read?