DVD movies not working

Over the past month I’ve copied about 15 DVD movies. I used an ACER Aspire notebook with a DVD-RW drive 16x. The software I used was mainly CloneDVD, but i also used DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink on the ones which did not work with Clone DVD. I burned them with Nero7 @ 4x on decent media (Verbatim DVD+R, not the ones made in India). I’ve shrinked most of them to fit on the 4.7GB discs. Everything seemed to be ok: they worked perfectly on the laptop and on the Philips home cinema (bought in early 2005). I’ve actually watched at least 10 of them on that home cinema and there did not seem to be a problem. That happened at, lets say, “location B”.

Now, things are a little different in “location B”, which is on the other side of town. I have both a Thomson and a noname home cinema. The noname is actually is a standalone DVD player (no 5.1 speakers). My problem is that the DVDs which worked just fine in “location A” don’t seem to work in “location B” on the mentioned DVD players. They “skip”, both the sound and the image. I get low resolution areas on the TV, the player itself sounds like it’s having trouble reading. If I don’t stop it, i get a “not compatible” message in max 5 minutes. I also have a desktop PC with an ASUS DVD-ROM and a new LG DVD Super Multi drive. The DVDs seem to work fine on the computer.

Another odd thing is that 3 of the 15 DVDs work perfectly on the Thomson. Two of them have been shrinked to fit the standard DVD+R.

What could be the cause of the DVDs not working on the DVD players? Is there anything that i can do to make them work? Copy them to the desktop PC and write them with the LG writer? Why do some DVDs work on the Thomson?

Its probably the player. Early players can’t play burnable discs as they do not know what they are! Then as players were made to play burnable discs, -R discs had greater playability over +R discs. Nowadays, most all players will play them all. I have a 2000 model JVC that will not play ANY burnt discs. I have 3 later made JVCs that will play everything.

A PC is a different animal and will generally play everything so you can’t assume what plays on a PC will also play on a standalone.

Also, different discs use diffenet media (dye layer) to make up the discs. Some are better than others and have better compatibility. Good names are such as, Verbatum, Taiyo Yuden. Try a different brand and try some -R discs. You may also try setting the +R booktype to “DVD-ROM”, if your burner supports that.

I would suggest trying -R, or another brand, or checking the age and compatibility of your player to burnt discs. Check here:

Thomson Search:

Well… the Philips (the one which can play them) is older than the Thomson. The Thomson can play DVD+R and DVD-R, even Divx. At least that’s what the manual says…

And, yes, I did play with the booktype.

So what media are you using? Post the media ID codes. Also, what is the Thomson model #? Please give some more info, otherwise we can only guess. It can really be alot of things. A poorly burned disc may play in some players but not others because some players are more tolerant of errors or mistakes. Media type makes a big diference player to player. A player may have trouble reading from the disc because of the dye layer it uses, while other players coast right thru it.

It sounds like its going to be a media issue you have. That is the most common reason for discs to play in some players but not others. PC drives usually don’t have a problem reading discs because of the nature of how their designed. I know you stated Verbatims (which are generally good discs) but we really need the media code.

DVD Identifier, DVD Decrypter & Nero Tools can all give you the media ID code.