DVD movies chapters out of sequence

I bought recently this HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22NP20. I’ve been copying dvd movies for years. I’ve never had this problem come up, and not sure if it is the unit. I’m using RipitForme in conjunction with DVDDecryptor and DVD Shrink, and never really had a problem. I used a Toshiba dvd burner, even though it was -r/-rw only, and a LaCie external USB burner (which for some reason refused to burn to DL disks)
I use the full DVD method with Ripitforme, and allow the program to do it’s thing (clean up the VOBs, etc), afterwards, with DVDShrink, I take out what I don’t need, like the second language sound files and sub-titles. Depending on the movie, I’ll just use dvd-decryptor and shrink, and just copy the movie files without the menus, and I burn away.
Since getting this LG, I’ve wasted about 20 dvds trying to determine the problem of why the chapters are burned out of sequence, like the last chapter is burned first and the first last. This is THE weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.
i’ve noticed that as it’s analysing the disc, it’s reading it perfectly from beginning to end. it’s only when burning it gets mucked up.
My home player, a Panasonic, won’t even read the disks. the ones that will read it are those multi reading multi broadcast NTSC/PAL units, but once again with the chapters completely out of sequence.
i’ve updated the firmware and the ATAPI is up to date.
Has this ever happened to anyone?
I’m using a HP Pavillion 764N, P4-2.66Ghz (1 gig ram) - Nvidia FX5700 vid-capture card (128 ram) - Sound Blaster Live - XPHome / SP3.
Using Nero 8 and Roxio.
The media I’ve tried is Maxell -R, and HP -R . I use the -R exclusively because my Panasonic won’t read +R.


Well, I’m answering my own question! Nero 8 and DVDShrink have compatibility issues! I found my old version of Nero 6 and it’s working.