DVD movie

This DVD movie won`t play on my computer but it will play on my standalone DVD player. Other dvds play on my computer. I can hear the computer drive whirring but nothing comes up to play dvd movie. (attachments)(Details of the movie from the back of the case) Any clues :smiley:

Does it work with VLC?

[B]No i tried VLC but no go. Now, while replying to your post i put the disc in the computer and it whirred for a long time and all of a sudden the box came up to play the dvd movie and it plays. Strange, others come on quicker but this one took a long, long time… Thank You i`ll see how it goes.[/B] :bigsmile:

[B]I tried it again and it took over 5 minutes for that box to come on. [/B

You sure the media isn’t a poorly made from the manufacture?? Sounds like bad media or heavy encypted protection causing your computer dvd drive a hard time to just read the dvd itself. Beyond that what is the title of the DVD?

Yeah, just sounds like one of those badly made discs - but saying that, some drives are pickier than others…sounds like either could be the case if the disc plays sometimes, and sometimes not.

Is there just the one DVD drive in your PC? If so, what’s the make?

Is it a DVD you own, or are you trying to watch one that you’ve rented? If it’s rented, who knows how it’s been treated by people who have rented it before you. :wink:

[B]Yes you may be both right, its a Dave Allen dvd from the library, a little scratched, but so are others, and this one takes ages to get to the box-"play dvd with windows media player", but it eventually plays. So ill just have to be extra patient[/B]. :bigsmile:

Yeah i agree with deezalboy