DVD Movie Zones

Don’t know if this is a new thread or not.
Just joined as a newbie. I have DVD movies I bought in the UK and they are ‘Zone 2’ encoded. I didn’t realize they wouldn’t play here (ok, so I’m old right!). Now as I paid good money for them I’d like to watch them. I wondered if there was a program that could copy the DVD’s, burn a new one, and have them play on an NTSC TV here in Canada (‘Zone 1’ I believe) Hope this makes sense and there’s someone out ther to take pity on and poor old pensioner! :o)))
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If you would post the make and model of your DVD-player maybe we could dig up a region free hack for it. Or you could go look for it yourself, www.videohelp.com is a good place to start.
Many players are really easy to region free via the remote.

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Of course it makes sense, but first please check your standalone whether it can play PAL (manual).
Second: to make a region-free backup of your originals, you can use a number of software, I would suggest AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (www.slysoft.com).

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Do you mean the one in my computer or the one I have under my TV?
Sounds like I’m an idiot right?
My dvd burner is an LG is all I know and the one in the living room is an Accura and I have a Windstar 1200

To make a backup with your computer’s LG use the software I have posted earlier.

(The DVD Players you have mentioned, I could not find on the videohelp.com site).

…combined with DVD Shrink (www.dvdshrink.org), to decrypt and recompress the original so it will fit on a DVD-R

(make sure AnyDVD is running first)

It is a possible altrnative to use DVDShink (with AnyDVD) to make a backup. Neverheless, if you use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 to make a backup, there is no need for a combination with DVDShrink for the purposes mentioned in the cited post.