DVD movie with bad sectors copy protection

There’s a movie I own and want to make a backup copy of it but I’m having trouble doing this. I tried DVD Decryptor, AnyDVD, DVDFab and Magic DVD Ripper 5.1.0 with no luck. What other programs can I use to make a backup of this movie. I tried copying this movie with my friend’s DVD drive with the above programs and still have no luck.

What is the name of the movie :confused:
also is the DVD scratched :confused:

As StormJumper is saying, gives as much info as possible.

Name of movie would be a good start, Maybe post an error log.

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Here is a compiled list of some.


Also latest DVDFab is… update and try again…

I used DVD Cloner 4 and it worked perfectly. It also copied the DVD into an ISO image which I then used ImgBurn to burn it onto a DVD.

I personally believe DVD Cloner 4 to be far better than DVDFAb because it has an algorithm to deal with bad sectors. I believe this program is made by an Asian company. Here’s the link www.dvd-cloner.com.

I should have qualified my word “movie” and should have used the term video. The video is a workout video “The ABS Diet and Workout”.

Not a chance.

I would not give this company a dime, they stoled DvD Shrink’s code and rebranded it and are now selling it to you as DvD Cloner 4.

Try using A-Ray Scanner and tell us what the protection is.

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Try to use Nero Vision to rip the video in your hard drive and burn it in to your media.

According to A-Ray Scanner, the protection is CSS/CPPM.

I wasn’t able to copy the video using Nero Vision.

The latest version of DVDFAB is now, you are way behind on your updates, try d/ling the newer version and try again and see if that will do the trick :bigsmile:

The new version does work. The strange thing is that the video was created back in 2005 and I would think DVDFab 3.1.60 would have copied it since it was released sometime earlier this year.

I now know I must upgrade DVDFAb once a new release has been released because the new release will have new codes for dealing with new copy protections.

I tried to copy “Muppets, Season 2” but Clone DVD2, Nero, and 1-Click DVD Copy were unable to read the original disc “bad sectors” message kept appearing.
Interestingly, CloneDVD2 (copy titles option) couldn’t even see the episodes - all it “saw” were the previews and warnings!

Here’s what I did.

Download DVDFabDecrypter23.1.7.6
Run it
Run Free DVD on that video file that you’ve made
Ask CloneDVD2 to copy titles on that file and copy whatever you want!

Good luck, it worked for me.