Dvd movie to put onto cdr discs

hi i have a dvd movie and want to put on a cdr discs can anyone tell how i can do that thx :smiley:

various programs including nero can do it.but the quality will be poor due to the high compression needed.

The alternative is create an avi movie with DivX or Xvid

yes but that wont play on a standard player.

These days there are cheap standalones that can read also avi movies. Maybe you can consider this option :slight_smile:

yes but that wont solve the problem of vhs like quality.

It is related on how much bitrate you put on the movie and also on screen dimensions.

Anyway, also if you mantain the movie as DVD, shrinking it so much to fit on a CD you will obtain a worst quality than a divx.

better just to buy some blank dvds its easier.also if i remember right a cdr only holds an hour of movie.

Even if it was compressed it would be so pixelated that you’ll be unhappy too.

my sentiments exactly.

There are excellent 2-pass DivX/XviD encoders (eg the DivX suite, FairUse Wizard, or AutoGK) which will give far better quality than VHS and yet still get down to 700MB.

As geno888 says, it depends on bitrate and screen dimensions. And of course a player that accepts such encodings.