DVD movie "The Protector"



I just bought this DVD (2 disc version) today. Try to make a backup. Disc 1 the dubbed version had no problem backing up. Disc 2 the original uncut version, I used every softwares mentioned in here. None of those can make a backup of it. All those softwares saw it as a not protected dvd. anyone has a clue? Thank you.


Precisely which programs did you try? AD, Ripit4me, Fab, etc.?


I tried ripit4me, pgcedit, dvdshrink & dvdfab. no luck.


I dont have this movie, but have seen no postings of problems with this movie on the Fab forum here, nor the Ripit4Me forum on another forum.

If disc 2 is really not encrypted, you shoud be able to make a copy of it using a commercial program, such as Nero, using Copy Dvd function.

BTW, are you using Anydvd?


no, haven’t try Anydvd


You might have a bad pressing for DVD2, I did both DVDs tonight, movie and menu, jump to menu with RI4M with no problems. Clean as a whistle in DVD Shrink, PgcEdit, VobBlanker and DVDRemake Pro.

Edit - I’m R1 US


that’s what I thought too, but disc 2 played no problem in the DVD player. May be I should go exchange for another one.