DVD Movie "Take The Lead: Error

Just tried to back up “Take The Lead” Movie…Just get error message about 3/4 through the process. anyone have same problem?. My other movies back up ok. Using DVD Region + CSS Free.

What DVD copy software do you use? What’s the error message?


Error Message
D:/Video.TS/VTS_01_4.VOB:read error
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB 23 TCSectorReader


Are you using the latest version of CloneDVD2?

Also, I strongly suggest you try DVDFab Platinum 3 Beta to see the result:


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I down loaded DVDFabPlatinum3Beta.
I got the same error result???

The error message should not be same, please post the exact error message, thanks.

Copying VTS_01_4.VOB…
Error while reading!
Task_1 failed,ErrorCode=400
Process Failed!


The disc is really dirtry/scratched, I’ll try to fix the error in next beta.

For now, you can try to clean the disc, and try it on another DVD drive to see the result.

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Dave Gee

What exatally does that error indicate? I have that same error when trying to backup my ‘Matrix’ dvd with 3 versions of DVDFab - - and the new Beta6. This disk is clean an unscratched, but I’m loaning it out so I need to back it up forehand.

However my circumstances are a little different probably than most here. I’m using wine 0.2.90 (latest) to try and run it. I searched the wine forums trying to find out what that error means means, but nothing that I saw. I’m getting the same error on 3 distro’s, Ubuntu (Dapper), Slackware (10.2-KDE 3.5), and Mandriva 06. :confused:

Any suggestion on how to set it up correctly or what that error is indicating?
Thanks in advance!

Hi oVIXo,

For wine, I suppose you are using linux or OS like that, which we don’t support officially.

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Hello to you. I figured it’s not officially supported, just curious what that error indicates. The program itself loads fine, therefore its not necessarily a ‘wine’ issue. Acutally DVDFab is in wine’s Application Database for one that is marked as ‘working’. Like I stated I’m trying to find out what that error means when it displays it has finished, but actually didn’t do anything, then the error 400 pops up in the log.

Do you have any plans on making a native Linux version of this software? I think it would be rather popular actually, theres alot of similar software out there for Linux, but one software that is dependant on itself and no other outside plugin or libraries would be a hit.

I’ve read alot of posts about similar software where one can get it working, with ‘this’ distro, yet another has trouble with ‘that’ distro. Typically it’s because of the distros changes to linux in the initial ‘re-working’ to suit the desires of the distributors. Example, Suse linux is different from Fedora Core, and yet again Mandriva, all are Linux but re-worked, some things included and some excluded. Hence is why I say that one specific software would be nicer to just get for ‘Linux’, independant to the distro. Anyway…just a thought.

So I’ll take that no response as a big “NO” :disagree: