DVD Movie Stuttering On DVD Player! (LG GH22LP20)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22LP20. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I Just recently got my dvd writer(LG GH22LP20). Everytime i burn a movie and play it on my dvd player, after every 5 - 10 minutes, it keeps on stuttering, and then i have to pause it and play it again, and it can get kind of gets annoying, i know there is nothing wrong as i burned a movie once which was perfect, no problems whatsoever, what mistake am i making? Before I used to use nero 6, then imgburn and i’ve even tried to copy a stuttering movie (which i burned onto a cheap disk and then onto a maxell dvd-r disk) using dvd decrypter but still no difference. First i thought it was cheap disks, so i switched to maxell dvd-r which cost me but still no difference. Before i got my dvd writer i used to make vcd’s which were perfect, so i don’t know what the problem is!Maybe it’s because of my converter - i use winavi to convert videos to .vob! I’ve looked on every forum I can find but i’ve not been able to come up with a solution, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

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The culprit indeed seems the disc.

Maxell is not exactly a quality disc. I suggest to try with a Verbatim.

It could be also that you are burning the discs at the wrong speed. Usually 16x certified media give best results if burned at 12x or 8x.

I burned a disk at 12x. Still the same result. Then i burned at 8x but again it kept on stuttering on my dvd player.

If you want to try a different avi to dvd converter you should try AVStoDVD or DVDFlick or FAVC. All are free to download and use.

Normally the “stuttering” problem is due to poor media or too fast a burn as geno pointed out. His suggestion of Verbatim is a good one and I would urge you to try them.

I Just Tried Verbatim DVD-R And Burned Them At 12x But Still Same Results!! What Do I Do???

Have you tested the dvd-video on the computer before burning to a disk? Do they play correctly there? If you don’t have software for playing dvd-video on the computer, try VLC media player. www.videolan.org

Nope, I’ll Do That

the same thing happens to me… i found its not my burner or media but the player itself… it even stutters every ~5 mins then have to pause or stop and play again.

have you checked out with some pressed dvds on the player?

its a samsung player.

If you have not done so I suggest you download the latest firmware update from LG it is Ver 1.02 and is available free on the LGE.Com website. This is supposed to fix burning problems. I have this burner and using Verbatim discs I could burn the disc using Nero 7 at any of the rated speeds and it played OK on the burner itself. When I came to play it on all the DVD players in the house I had the same problem of Jittering and Pixelation of the image. Using the other DVD burner I Have installed in my PC (a Pioneer) I burned another Disc using a Verbatim disc from the same batch as the previous failed burn. I used the same data files at 4 X speed.( The max for the Pioneer) and this played perfectly well on all my DVD Players. I can only conclude therfore that there is nothing wrong with the Verbatim media but there is something wrong with the burner. Perhaps the firmware upgrade will put it right. It is a bit of performance changing the firmware by the way.

I would really appreciate it if someone could please give me a direct line coz i can’t find it…:confused::confused:

I tried it on the computer and it worked perfectly? Does this mean there is something wrong with my dvd player?

Below is the link to the LGE firmware upgrade site. You will find your burner listed there.

This will install Firmware version 1.02. Before you perform the upgrade you should check the version of the firmware you are already using. YOU MAY NOt NEED TO UPGRADE. This new firmware version is supposed to fix burning problems.

There is an attached Read Me file in the Zip file that you down load. Make sure you read this and follow the instructions exactly if you change your firmware otherwise you may destroy your DVD Burner.

If your Household DVD Players play normal DVD,s purchased in a store then they should play a correctly burnt DVD. I would not think there is anything wrong with your home DVD Player.

All the best.

My drive which I just purchased would only play CD’s. The audio would stutter badly and the video was dragging when I tried to play a DVD. It was using ver.1.01 firmware. I downloaded the Firmware Version 1.02 and followed the instructions in the “Read Me” to a letter. The drive is now working flawlessly. :smiley:

I read the “read me” and it sounds really complicated, I mean i understand when you have to change it to master, but I don’t understand the secondary ide control bit. Could anyone please give me simple instructions on how to perform this plz plz plz.

OK, I’ve managed to update the firmware but it’s still stuttering!!!OH MY GOD, this is so annoying! [B][U]HeLp??[/U][/B]

are you using 80 wire IDE cable ? also it’s best not to have the burner on the same IDE channel as the HD is, your Hard Drive will be on the primary IDE Channel so the burner should be on the secondary IDE Channel, just follow the cable from the HD to where it hooks up to the MB and that will be the Primary IDE Channel the next connector to it (same size) will be the Secondary IDE Channel and the burner should be hooked up on the end not the middle connector on the cable and on the back of the burner you will see a set of pins which are marked Slave, Cable Select, Master put the jumper on the Master pins

OK, I’ve tried burning the movie in another burner but still it keeps on stuttering on my dvd player. Let me make things clear -

I convert my videos with winavi video converter.

The files that I get are around 1.5GB

I burn the folder with the files to a dvd-r at 8x using imgburn!

What am i doing wrong!

Listen, you have 2 issues. Stuttering DVDs are usually the result of bad media or burning too fast, but you are also converting your AVI videos to DVD. So the first thing you need to do is isolate the problem. Convert your AVI to DVD on your hard drive. Now watch the video with a PC DVD player (Nero Showtime or Videolan VLC player). If it stutters during playback on your hard drive, then your conversion program sucks. If the video plays fine, then it can be other things like bad media, burning too fast, etc.
First of all, if you are converting downloaded DivX and AVIs to DVDs, stop it! Just save your time and $$$ and buy a Pioneer 400V or Philips 5982 or 5990 DVD player. They will play AVIs directly from a USB flash drive or from a DVD disc. The Philips is about $50. A great investment since you can even hook up a USB hard drive to the USB port on the player which means you don’t even have to burn to a DVD or copy to a USB drive.

The DVD doesn’t stutter on my computer, I played with Vlc so is it the dvd players fault. Also when i burn vcd’s they are fine!

Do you think it will make a difference if I use dvd+r rather then a dvd-r?

By the way i use a Durabrand DVD-2005 DVD player? Does it read DVD-R?

Please Help Anyone!!:sad::sad: