DVD Movie starfoce keyless?

i know howto make securom5(twinpeak/twinsector,VariRate),safedisc3 near 1:1 backups
but i am a total newbie on dvd movies with copy-protection
i got a movie that has starfoce how can i backup it?
i would also like to know how the copy protection works with movies?
as there isnt a executable ? that could verify!?
is it that easy? that i have only to copy the content of the dvd? and make a new dvd with it?
how should i handle the read errors?

Well hope someone explain (both how its working and howto backup :slight_smile:

(i got isobuster,alcohol newest,blindwrite newest,nero 6,fireburner)

Uuuh ? :eek:

I think I didn’t get it! :confused:

Are trying to backup movies or games…

As far as I know :wink: there are no securom / sd / starforce protected movies… :iagree:

Let me guess - you scanned this with Aray v2.0.0.0? Try getting the latest version of Aray Scanner v2, that bug has been removed, there is NO starforce for DVDs.

DVDs usually use Macrovision for protection, which can easily be overcome by using DVD Decrypter. Rip it to HDD, then burn with Nero. You should be ok, if its single layer. But if its Dual layer, you may need to use DVD shrink.

Good luck.

@Montgomery Tut tut you should have known it was a bug with Aray by now :stuck_out_tongue:

(well like i said i am a newbie at dvds)
and yes i used array heh
i think dual isnt a problem as the lg is dual layer

but isnt there a better way whitout losing quality?!?

and still noone answered how the copy protection on movies work
as there isnt a executable that could verify i really would like to know how they do it!?
or isnt there a verification just bad/weak sectors?

n/m about quality loss (i did think by rip u meant svcd :slight_smile:
thx for the program works nice :slight_smile:

Seems I am getting old :slight_smile: