DVD movie: Sides chopped off on TV but not PC


Using Nero Vision I created a slide show from pictures and burned it to a DVD. With an aspect ratio of 4:3 and NTSC. When I play the DVD in my DVD player and watch it on my TV, some of the left and right side of the pictures are chopped off. I played the DVD on another player and TV and it had the same problem. But if I play the DVD on my computer, everything is OK, the sides are not chopped off.

Why do I have this problem when I play the DVD on the TV but not on the computer? Is the something I can do to fix this?


I have never had any luck creating a slideshow with Nero Vision. The only solution I could find was to burn the jpg’s as a data disc, cd-r or dvd, and they would play back with the right proportions. The only thing is you can not add any transitions or special effects doing it this way.

May be your stand alone DVD Player and TV are set for Widescreen 16:9 ratio, try to set those in 4:3 see what is going to happen.