DVD movie sales slowing due to lack of consumer shelf space

I just posted the article DVD movie sales slowing due to lack of consumer shelf space.


I can even relate to this bizarre situation. Ever since setting up my home theater, I’m constantly on the lookout for…

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This is not good for the People behind HD-DVD And Blu-Ray if true.

I have to agree with this article. I’ve also limited my recent buying due to lack of space. In my case I tend to put the “lower watched” movies in storage and keep only the most watched movies out on the shelves in the living room. Even so, I have 2 kids that like different movies and I’m not about to go hunting for a movie every time they want to watch something. The ultimate solution to the problem I guess would be a REALLY big server. Rip all your movies to it and store the originals. This saves on wear and tear on the originals and keeps the clutter down a bit. Still…what a pain.

Aww hell, I though DVD sales were down due to piracy. Go figure.:B

Slim cases were introduced more than a year ago. If the studios were really concerned, they’d be using them. Maybe they’re saving them for HD-DVD and BluRay.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! There’s not enough time in the human lifespan to watch every movie once or read even a fraction of the great books out there. Stop wasting your money! Go to the public library and check out your movies and books for free, enjoy them once, and move on to the next one! Trust me on this one, it’s better to watch hundreds of DVD’s once, than it is to watch 1 DVD hundreds of times.:slight_smile:

Dan, Is that a photo of you playing with your fluffy toys? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were to get a few netflix ‘8 out at once’ accounts, and 1000 blank DVDs you could save a lot of space and money and buy a car or something with the money you did not spend on DVDs. If it was me I would have bought a 2004 Silver Honda Accord with a nice stereo. And still had a few $ for Asian hookers.

If you were to get a few netflix ‘8 out at once’ accounts
I have heard about this plan a few times, but each time I go to their site and don’t find any plans for it.

http://www.netflix.com/PressRoom?id=5206&hnjr=3 Pricing Levels: $9.99 Unlimited DVDs, one (1) title out at a time $11.99 Four DVDs a month, two (2) titles out at a time $14.99 Unlimited DVDs, two (2) titles out at a time $17.99 Unlimited DVDs, three (3) titles out at a time $23.99 Unlimited DVDs, four (4) titles out at a time $29.99 Unlimited DVDs, five (5) titles out at a time $35.99 Unlimited DVDs, six (6) titles out at a time $41.99 Unlimited DVDs, seven (7) titles out at a time $47.99 Unlimited DVDs, eight (8) titles out at a time The price has gone up since I had active accounts.

my fake Netflix story… If you want to build a DVD ripping station here is how mine is setup (if this was not fiction) USB2: drives (This is nice when you get a drive that locks up and you need to power cycle it without rebooting) Windows XP pro 1 Plextor DVD±R USB2 6x-8x 4 DVD readers USB2 (look around for unlocked firmware I can do 6-12x speed reads on my pioneer 120s) 1 FireWire2 200GB HD 1 FireWire2 250GB HD 1 FireWire2 400GB HD I use one HD to rip to, then one to process, and having a 3rd helps when you fill up one of the others. You could do the ripping on one computer and then move the HDs to another and do the burning there or if you use DVD compressor or something else to process the movies, 40% of the DVDs I got from Netflix fit on a single layer without dumping anything. Also before you burn them make sure to remove PUO so you can skip crap you don’t want to see. When you are setting up your accounts at Netflix do this: Use one account with one browser (Like IE) and Firefox for the other and opera for a 3rd. Also use a different Credit card for each account. Each account will start with a 3 out at once 10 day demo account (use this time to figure out how to balance you wish lists) and see if your mail gets to you quickly or not. My 15-16 DVDs would get to me around 10-11am I’d “watch them”… to my Firewire HDs then drive down to the post office and drop them off before noon as there is always 1 day travel time (Netflix knows when you return a disk even before they get the disk back some kind of post office tracking). I work at home, but in an office setup just use your work address as the mailing address and make sure you become friends with your mailman or whoever in your office does the mail. always drop your discs off in a mailbox with a early to mid day pickup time (they have the times on the box when the pickup happens) Also when you run out of movies you want pile up on TV shows, and when you do close your account it will quit working so make sure you do it just before you’ll get auto billed (for next month) and after you have discs coming to you then you will get the most out of it. … the end
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“People that have a lot of movies have another problem to contend with as well: Keeping track of what they have in their library and I’m working on that one myself too. Twice, I’ve purchased a DVD’s on an impulse, only to find out I had the darn thing already, so I had to return it.” http://www.fnprg.com/catvids/

  1. I can’t believe the guy already had a collection of 500 dvd’s and it didn’t include indiana jones. You would think someone who wanted to collect that many discs, would of had that one covered already. 2. I’m out of shelf space, and my dvd shopping has started to slow down. I went through a period when i first got a dvd player 4 or 5 years ago, where I wanted nice high quality dvd’s of alot of my favorite movies that were on vhs. Skip ahead 5 years, and I’ve pretty much got all those movies on dvd now, and tossed the video tapes. now i only need to buy new dvd’s if a new release comes out that is just coming out, or they finally release something old. Say when star wars came out a few months back, or when the next a-team season comes out on dvd. I think its alot like cds. When cds first came out, they were so much better then tapes (and more convenient then records, because records still sound damn good , with a good player, and a good needle). dvd’s were the same way. VHS kinda sucked, the quality wasn’t super good, tapes got worse the more then got played. They also got chewed up. Laserdiscs were ok, but they were so big, and you had to flip 'em over or change the disc several times during a movie. We were just wait for dvd to come out :slight_smile: Now people are catching up or caught up so I think sales will continue to slow. it’ll still be interesting to see how many people will want the new format.

I’m sitting here surprised so many titles could even have replay value worthy of keeping a copy at home on the shelf. shrug Cheesy salesman mode: Now think of how much you could save if you SUBSCRIBED to have movies piped down to your home instead of owning them. Reclaim all this shelf space! points to shelf Uh oh…

I have over 1000 DVD and I am not slowing down. already bought over 300 this year at average of 9 dollars each title. As long as Circuit City, Best Buy, WalMart, and Target keeping put DVD on $7.00, $7.50, 8.00, 9.00, and 10.00 sales, I will keep buying. And yeah, I have about 500 unwatched titles.

There is a circuit city opening up near my house and they have DVD’s for less than 7 bucks!!! Sombody stop me!!!

I think $7- $10 is a good price range for dvd’s. Dvd’s costing more than $20 is simply too much.

I agree with bstrayman. The library is the best solution. You don’t spend any money, you don’t accumulate future junk and possessions and you get to keep your home clutter free. Now, if only we could control ourselves to stop acquiring other things too.

Wow, so many people purchase so much. Why not make some more friends that have their own collection of movies and then make a list so that none re-purchase the same media? It can even go further if it is possible to make online close area buddies that can swap movies just to watch once in a while. The library idea is a good one, why not visit that old dreary place of books. They don’t only have books, you can check out more than that nowadays. It’s most likely a factor of laziness due to travel from couch to media collection comparisons associated with the prior statements. I am also sure that people love to claim a collection of a sort that they claim personnal attachment as a symbol of achievement. I don’t buy media, unless it’s blank and I need it for a project of some sort - like a collegiate production. Money should be spent wisely - I believe - in order to accomplish more than mere entertainment in idle mode that is overspent and usually leads to health issues when abused. Articles should be rewritten and published with words like ‘protect’ converted to ‘insure product is not stolen’ instead, for example. Phrases like ‘Happy meal’ are meant to make the reader associate happiness with their meal, when in reality it is simply a ‘Fatty meal.’:B