DVD movie region revealer?

Is there a simple app (I mean simple like DVDInfo or LiteOn’s Smartburn) that shows which region a DVD movie is zoned for?

I’ve got a few older DVDs that show the zone on the sleeve, but on more recent discs the zoning isn’t obvious. In fact I couldn’t find any mention at all on Madagascar and I,Robot.

I realize that I can bypass the zoning with several progs (like AnyDVD and DVDIdle etc) but that’s not what I’m after; I just want a simple info prog that’ll reveal which, if any, zone the disc is set for.


DVDDecrypter should show region of your disks. It may not be capable of decrypting a newer dvd with advanced protection, but should still show the region.

Thanks mate. But I just realised that DVDInfo pro DOES do the job. All I had to do was click on the ‘MEDIA’ icon and it did the biz. Silly silly me <gr>:doh: