DVD Movie Recommendation System?



I am having a bit of an issue with my personal DVD collection that I was hoping someone might be able to offer some suggestions about…

I have recently completed cataloging my entire personal DVD collection using DVD Profiler, and I would now like to find a way to use this list and have new movie recommendations suggested that are similar to those I currently own (while making sure that whatever or whoever is making the recommendations doesn’t show me anything that I currently own)…

Can anyone recommend an application or a community-website in which something like this would be possible?

…and in regards to whatever methods any of you have to offer - can you let me know what the most effective way of exporting my ‘owned/purchased’ movie list from DVD Profiler would be, so that I would be able to use this list in conjunction with the recommendation app or website (meaning that I would like to be able to export a list of my DVD’s from DVD Profiler for later import into an app or website to allow for personalized movie recommendations)…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Try Here:Internet Movie Database I’m not a big movie watcher but it’s the only thing i can think of.


Welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

if you contacted a large dvd-rental chain like netflix or blockbuster…(if available to you where you are) they may offer a service of this kind…if not…it’s a hell of an idea and you could be on the ground floor of a great money making idea…:slight_smile:

No disrespect to you, as this is human nature, but It’s amazing to me the number of people that will pay them for somebodyelse to tell them what they’d like.

Goofs aside, if you can you can find it at the 2 I mentioned…or the above post, it’s being done…if not…develop it and your on a gold money making idea you should persue…:slight_smile: