DVD movie overscan solutions

Using Nero Vision I created a slide show from pictures and burned it to a DVD. With an aspect ratio of 4:3 and NTSC. When I play the DVD in my DVD player and watch it on my TV, some of the left and right side of the pictures are chopped off. But if I play the DVD on my computer, everything is OK, the sides are not chopped off. I understand this is due a thing called “overscan” and it’s normal, the TV chops 5-10% called overscan. One solution maybe to add a black border to your pictures or videos.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way in Nero Vision to add a 5% black border to my DVD? If not, is there another program that can do this for me?

  2. Is there a quick way or program to add a black border to 500 pictures that are in jpg format. This would take forever to do by editing one at a time.

  3. Anyone have any other ideas or solutions.

Now that I know about “overscan” I am amazed that DVD movie making software does not have a FIX OVERSCAN feature to add black borders. Aren’t most DVD’s going to be viewed on TVs?


Well here is what I do. I create a WMV with all my pics on it (add some punk rock/techno/rock/hip-hop to make it groovy) then use VSO ConvertXtoDvd and make it widescreen and BAM ZAZAM! I got my pics in wide screen. Oh ya I also Dr.Divx it into hd to make it look better. Oh ya and to get Dr.Divx (they dont make it any more what a same) here is a link (It is a rar file so extract the folder to a place you will remember)
Also this program is ok.